From the Vice Chancellor's Desk

The Rabindra Bharati University is a unique educational institution of higher learning that caters mostly to the students of the peripheries of West Bengal. Girls and boys from far-flung areas of the state and from backward strata of the society constitute more than seventy percent of the total strength of students. Yet the University takes pride in its share of international students ranging from Europe to Asia, who come, either through the Indian Council of Cultural Relations (ICCR), or on their own, to learn mainly Indian art and culture and to acquire a degree in academics underpinned by Tagore's philosophy.

Our University has substantial academic outputs in terms of drama productions, exhibition of art works in reputed galleries, songs and choreography endeavours, organising festivals, publication of art folios and academic journals, and joint cultural events, collaborative academic activities with institutions of repute at the national and the international level. Our students and faculties are encouraged by the University to present their work beyond the campus through exhibitions and programmes. Students also participate regularly in the inter-university programmes and have done their (alma mater) proud by winning prizes and awards at the state, regional, and national levels.

A very active Research Cell helps formulate and execute the research agenda of the University. One such effort is organizing a Research Week that brings to the discussion­ tables research scholars, faculty members and distinguished academics for fruitful exchanges that might open new vistas of research and broaden the academic horizon of this institute. The exchange programmes that the University participates by entering into Molls with the reputed Universities and educational institutions abroad, allows the faculties and students to get a wider exposure to various avenues of higher learning.

Many an eminent scholars have enriched our knowledge base speaking at the Rabindra Bharati University Distinguished Lecture Series. Occasional Papers are published by the University whereby these lectures are made available in the public domain. Our unique identity as a University which does not offer engineering, technology, pure science and commerce streams and which yet has over the years grown into strengths so much so that it continues to make substantial contributions towards society in educating and producing some of the finest writers, artists and performers of the country.

Being truthful to the social obligation of the university, Rabindra Bharati University started its Distance Education Programme in 2002. Its territorial jurisdiction spans over the entire state of West Bengal. The university has successfully catered to the needs of students from socially and economically disadvantaged strata, many of whom are located in remote parts of the state. Rabindra Bharati University is the only university in West Bengal that offers programmes in Performing Arts through Distance mode. The Distance Education Programme of the university is marching ahead towards the goal of Inclusive education.